Natural Plastic Fixing Clip + Screws (100pk)

Natural Plastic Fixing Clip + Screws (100pk)

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Our wood plastic composite (WPC) Natural boards are double sided with a hollow core. On one side the board features an enhanced natural woodgrain effect and on the other a traditional flat sanded effect.

Our Natural boards are designed to be fixed with a concealed clip system leaving your decking barefoot friendly and smooth. The gap between boards can be controlled using Double Clips (1mm Gap) or Plastic Clips (6mm Gap) depending on personal preference or application.

Plastic clips are supplied in packs of 100 with screws, a single pack of 100 clips will provide coverage of ~5m² in deck board installations.

Natural Boards and Trim are available in three colours: Cedar Dawn, Platinum Ash and Twilight Grey.

Natural Decking Options: Starter Deck BoardDouble Sided Deck BoardFascia Trim, Corner TrimStarter Fixing Clips and with a choice of either Double Fixing Clips or Plastic Fixing Clips. Additionally a Torx Drive Bit is available for fixing.

Try our Decking Calculator to estimate the number of Boards and Fixings required.