Handrail Tube

Handrail Tube


    Stainless steel handrail tube, used to complete glass or wire balustrades or for wall mounted handrails 

    Stainless steel is ideal for handrails as it offers minimalist design, strength and blends well with most interior designs, the handrail tube can combine with hundreds of variations of brackets, elbows,  end caps and glass clamps to create stylish glass balustrades, stainless steel railings or wall mounted handrails.

    Standard handrail tube lengths are available to purchase online, alternatively please contact us if you would like a quote for a bespoke order

    We also supply ready made stainless steel handrails in various lengths complete with brackets and end caps.

    if you are looking to mount handrails directly on glass panels, please view our range of slotted handrails.