Technical, Installation and Maintenance

Glass Balustrades - Fitting Information:

Framed Glass Balustrades comprise of baluster posts, handrail and toughened glass panels and in most cases are supplied "ready to fit".

We supply the balustrade systems in modular kits, which can be fitted simply by any trades or competent "DIY" person, a full install guide and 3D drawings are  supplied with all balustrade orders.     

Baluster posts are supplied pre-fabricated with welded base plate, loose cover plate and glass clamps and need to be secured to mounting surface as below:

baluster post with welded base plate


Posts can then combine with various handrail brackets which bolt into handrail, handrail brackets bond into baluster posts with structural adhesive, in most cases handrail is pre-drilled to save time on site.


Tube adapter for stainless steel handrail

We can offer many different types of handrail brackets and elbows to support handrail to suit your design ideas. 

The complete glass balustrade system can be designed to your requirements and supplied ready to fit, requiring no drilling or cutting on site in most instances.

Glass clamps then simply bolt into pre-drilled holes in posts, and glass panels can be clamped in position: 


Depending on your layout, various components and fittings are available,

A full installation guide and 3D drawing will be provided with each order.

Example 3D model and drawing below:

3D glass balustrade drawing


We can also offer a professional fitting service in some UK Locations, please speak to our sales team.

Framed Glass Balustrades are tested to fully comply with UK Building regulations BS6180: 2011 - Test certs available on request.

Tested to both 0.74kn/m UDL (1250mm post centres) and 1.5 kn/m UDL (900mm post centres)


Wire Balustrades

Wire Balustrades are fitted in the same way as Framed Glass Balustrades, except instead of fitting glass clamps and glass panels, we would supply "ready made" wire rope kits which would bolt into threaded holes in balustrade posts.

Wire Balustrades are tested to comply with structural elements of UK Building regulations BS6180: 2011

Tested to both 0.74kn/m UDL (1250mm post centres) and 1.5 kn/m UDL (900mm post centres)

Please note that wire balustrades are not suitable for all locations (including residential homes where protecting fall risk)

Building Regulations BS6180: 2011 advise:

"In dwellings and and other buildings which can be accessed by children under the age of 5, gaps in a barrier or infil should not be large enough to permit a sphere of 100mm diameter to pass through, making due allowance for deflection under load"

"The barrier and infill should be constructed so that a child cannot easily climb it".

We advise to speak to building control to find out if Wire Balustrades are suitable for your project


Framed Glass or Wire Balustrades - what we need:

All we need is accurate dimensions and the balustrade is supplied to meet these exact requirements.

Glass is made to order to suit the balustrade, enabling all glass panels to be equal size giving optimum visual results.

If you have chosen a Wire Balustrade, the same principles apply, however the wire will need trimming on site, wire cutters can be supplied if required.

Please note we do not supply floor fixing anchors on supply only orders- use correct fixing anchors for mounting surface, if in doubt consult a qualified builder or engineer.

Grade / Surface finish

Grade 304 stainless steel is a premium grade of stainless steel suitable for indoor and some outdoor applications

Grade 316 stainless steel has a higher nickel content giving a higher corrosion resistance - Grade 316 is recommended for harsher outdoor environments.

WPS standard finish is 320 Grit satin polished (Brushed finish)

We can also supply our products with a mirror polished finish, Grade 316 mirror polished is recommended for coastal / swimming pool locations. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Stainless steel is not maintenance free, however it is easy to maintain.

Please clean your product regularly to maintain original appearance and prevent tarnishing.

Cleaning spray is available to purchase from WPS 



WPS Balustrade / Balcony loading strength could vary depending on mounting surface, fixings used and installation. It remains the customer's responsibility to ensure that the balustrade is installed safely and in accordance with relevant planning and building regulations.

Further Stainless Steel technical details can be found at British stainless steel association