Stainless Steel Wire Rope Kit

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Kit

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Stainless steel wire rope kits are supplied in Grade 316 stainless steel and comprise of either a 3, 5 metre or 10 metre length of 4 mm diameter wire rope which is pre-swaged at one end onto a rigging screw.

A self fit fork is supplied for connecting the loose end of wire rope on site. Both components are connected to eyebolts at each end of the wire run and the wire can be cut to the required length on site to ease the installation process.

Wire kits can be supplied to suit either steel (Bolt eyebolt) or timber posts(screw eyebolt) 

Please note a new wire kit is required for each "run" of wire rope required.

I.e - if you would like to create three horizontal runs, you will need to purchase three wire kits, please also note the wires cannot go round corners as tension will be lost.

Wire cutters are required to trim wire to size