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About our "Slotted Rail" Juliet Balcony Systems

Juliet Balconies are becoming popular in residential homes due to the benefits of allowing air and light into rooms whilst taking up minimal space. 

Due to the ease of installation and maintenance, stainless steel and glass are ideal materials for Juliet Balconies.

"Slotted rail" stainless steel Juliet Balcony systems combine modular fixing bracketsslotted handrail tube and glass to provide a sleek, slimline Juliet Balcony solution.

The horizontal rails have slots fabricated into the base of the tube, allowing the glass to locate within the rails and provide a clean, stylish finish.

Why choose this system?

• Minimalistic design

• Simple to install 

• Building regulation compliant

• Avilable in Satin or Mirror polished finish

Standard Specifications

• 42 or 48 mm diameter, stainless steel horizontal "slotted" rails

• Grade 316 stainless steel

• Suitable for various glass - see test report

• Max balcony span 1500 mm

Project Suitability

• Balconies

• Offices

• Commercial Buildings

• Holiday Lodges

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