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Glass Button Balustrade

Ideal for staircases, or for a truly panoramic look on balconies, button systems are the premium offering in glass balustrades.

Button systems comprise of fully tested stainless steel button fixings, combined with laminated or toughened glass for a minimalist and contemporary look.

Glass button balustrades are particularly suited to staircases, where they offer versatility to work around tight returns and complex angle changes.

We can offer simple shapes on a supply only basis; however staircases and complex designs require a survey and design by one of our CAD technicians.

Please speak to our sales team to discuss your project.

Why choose this system?

• No visible fixings from balcony side – infinity look

• Fits to the fascia

• Allows escape of water from balconies / patios

• Ideally suited to staircases

• Building regulation compliant

• Tested to BS 6180:2011

Standard Specifications

• 50mm diameter stainless steel button fixings

• Toughened or laminated glass

• Available with or without handrail

• Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel buttons

• Satin or mirror polished finish (mirror finish used for coastal areas)

Project Suitability

• Balconies

• Patios

• Staircases

• Commercial / Offices

Getting a quote:

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