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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades

Stainless steel wire balustrades give your project a contemporary, nautical look whilst also offering a safe, attractive system that is easy to maintain.

Why Choose Wire Balustrades?

Wire balustrades are a ideal for areas such as for decking, patios and commercial applications.

Our wire rope balustrade systems are made of stainless steel baluster posts with heavy duty 4 mm diameter stainless steel wire rope, giving a stunning visual result and a versatile system that is suitable for a number of locations.

We can fabricate your wire balustrade system to meet your project requirements.

Wire rope railing - coastal view

Supplied Ready to install:

Our stainless steel wire balustrade systems are supplied in "ready to install" kits without requiring any welding or cutting, we use unique "self-fit" wire balustrade kits meaning our wire rope can be fitted without the need for special tools!

stainless steel wire rope kits


Standard wire balustrade specification: 

  • 48 mm Diameter, Stainless Steel Baluster Posts
  • Stainless Steel Handrail
  • 4 mm Diameter, Stainless Steel Wire Rope - supplied in "pre-made" kits!
  • Modular stainless steel components
  • Available in Mirror or satin finish

    Wire balustrade with mirror polished stainless steel


      Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we can provide an initial quote from approximate dimensions, alternatively please email a sketch or detailed drawings to

      Patio Wire Balustrade

      Important information:

      • Wire balustrades are not suitable for “fall protection” in residential applications as they can be climbed by children  
      • Building Regulations BS 6180: 2011 advise:

      "In dwellings and other buildings which can be accessed by children under the age of 5, gaps in a barrier or infil should not be large enough to permit a sphere of 100 mm diameter to pass through, making due allowance for deflection under load"

      "The barrier and infill should be constructed so that a child cannot easily climb it"

      We advise to speak to building control to find out if wire balustrades are suitable for your project

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