Wire Balustrade - Specification

Wire Balustrade

  • 48.3mm diameter stainless steel baluster posts
  • 100mm diameter welded base plates – 4 x 11mm diameter fixing holes (80mm Pitch Circle Diameter) ** see drawing below
  • 105mm diameter cover plate – 25mm deep
  • Maximum baluster post spacing is 1250mm centres.
  • 48.3mm diameter stainless steel handrail – pre- cut to size and drilled at correct post centres
  • 4mm diameter wire rope kits, including pre swaged tensioner, self fit fork and eye bolts
  • Wire runs can be set at 175mm (5 runs) or 95mm centres (10 runs) - see drawings below.
  • Modular “push fit” connectors  
  • Elbow and wall connectors available 
  • Stainless steel is Grade 316
  • Stainless steel is available in satin or mirror polish
  • 1104mm overall height ** Special heights available on request 

Please note wire balustrades may be deemed non compliant with BS 6180:2011 and are recommended for low level use only (fall risk below 600mm high)

Please consult building control if you are intending to use for fall protection use. 



 Base Plate Detail


Testing Information

System is load tested to meet 0.74 KN/m UDL – suitable for residential and light commercial use  - test data available on request

  • Product testing was conducted on a concrete floor -  Deflection performance of balustrade (under load) can vary from test data if mounting to other substrates, ultimately the performance of balustrade will be determined by the strength of substrate and quality of fixing achieved - if in doubt over suitability of your substrate please consult a structural engineer. 

Fixing anchors

Floor Fixing anchors are not supplied by WPS – use appropriate anchors for mounting substrate

System was tested into concrete using M10 stainless steel rod (100mm length)  – fixed into concrete with Fischer Hybrid Mortar resin and secured with M10 Washers and nuts.