Terms & Conditions - Supply and Fit

WPS take steps to ensure your installation is a seamless and efficient process, however on occasions we come up against challenges out of our control which cause delays.

Due to this, all "supply and fit" projects are subject to the below terms and conditions: 

  • We must be allowed access to site at the agreed arrival time 
  • The mounting substrate must be constructed and ready for our installation – We require photos showing substrate prior to start on site
  • We must have room to work and cannot be obstructed by other trades,  physical barriers / scaffolding, plant or tools
  • The site must be safe for our installers to work  
  • Where access equipment (Scissor lift / Scaffold tower) is required then a level, sound mounting surface is required 
  • If dimensions are provided by the customer, we reserve the right to charge additional cost for materials / installation if the dimensions are incorrect
  • Once materials / products have been delivered to site, they are the responsibility of the customer - in the event of theft, damage or loss the customer is responsible for cost of replacement and/or additional labour cost.
In the event of delays caused by non conformance to above terms, WPS reserve the right to apply additional labour charges, if the installation is abandoned then we will charge a minimum fee of £550.00 (EX VAT) depending on location 


When your installation is complete, our fitting team will ask you to check the work for approval and then endorse our ‘sign-off sheet’. Please make sure you check the installation carefully, and in particular check for any scratches on the glass. Once this sheet is signed, we will not accept requests for replacements or additional work as a result of damage unless an additional charge is agreed.