Glass Type for Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Type for Frameless Glass Balustrades

When looking to add a Frameless glass balustrade to your project, it is important that the correct glass type and thickness is used to suit the application. 

The majority of frameless glass balustrades are specified without a handrail - as this gives the clear sight lines and minimal look most clients visualize.

Toughened & Laminated glass must be used if the balustrade is protecting a fall risk and compliance with UK Regulations is required. (BS 6180:2011.) 

This type of glass is manufactured from two panels of toughened glass with a central interlayer to bond the panels together, the glass remains in situ in the event of breakage - still providing a barrier and protecting the fall.   


We use Onlevel base channels with our Frameless glass systems, below is the glass thickness needed for our system based on various scenarios:

  • Internal Residential / 0.36 KN/m - 13.52mm 
  • External Residential / 0.74 KN/m - 17.52mm 
  • External Residential  /  Side Mounted 0.74 KN/m - 21.52mm 
  • Light Commercial or Retail use  / 1.5 KN/m - 21.52mm 
  • Areas Susceptible to overcrowding / 3 KN/m - 31.52mm 

We have comprehensive test data available for all of our glass balustrade products.

Our helpful team are on hand during office hours to assist with any queries about glass balustrades, and our online configurator is available for instant quotes.

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