ECOBOARD Hollow Boards
ECOBOARD Hollow Board
ECOBOARD Hollow Board
ECOBOARD Hollow Board

ECOBOARD Hollow Board

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WPS Handrails composite ECOBOARD Hollow deck boards are double sided with an innovative round hollow core. On one side the board features a fresh looking woodgrain effect and on the other a traditional anti-slip grooved effect.

Our ECOBOARD deck boards are designed to be installed using our concealed clips and this is our recommended method as it will leave your decking barefoot friendly and smooth. Alternatively, our ECOBOARD range can be installed in the traditional way wooden boards would be fitted by driving screws through the surface.

To suit individual tastes our plastic expansion clips will provide a traditional 6mm gap between boards however if you prefer a narrower gap then our powder coated black stainless steel expansion clips will provide a 3mm gap between boards.

ECOBOARD boards and matching Fascia are available in three distinct colours: Graphite, Teak and variegated Smoke White.

Smoke White is manufactured using a random dispersal process of grey, black and white colours resulting in unique non-repeating colour/shade variations with no two boards exactly the same. The resulting look is that of a grey base colour deck board in both lighter and darker shades with random streaks of black running through them giving a modern contemporary look as demonstrated in the picture at the top of the ECODECK range page.

Try our Decking Configurator to estimate the number of Boards and Fixings required for your project.