Semi Frameless Glass Assembly Guide

Baluster Posts to be fixed at correct centres as drawing supplied
Fixing anchors not supplied by WPS
Please ensure posts / glass clamps are aligned correctly - glass clamps may need slight rotation / adjustment.
Please note cover plates may need to be temporarily secured to posts with tape to allow easy marking out / fixing of anchors

Glass panels can now be secured in clamps using rubber inlays- if holes are in glass then the safety pin can also be used.

Glass clamps are split using Hex Key, the glass clamps may need slight rotation / adjustment on posts to ensure correct alignment 



Video below shows glass clamp assembly - please note baluster posts already have Pre fabricated threaded hole - no drilling of posts is required.


End caps are to be secured in post top with supplied Bondloc adhesive 


Adhesive Instructions 

Clean Interior Surface of tube / exterior surface of fitting using cleaner and dry cloth 

Apply a line of adhesive to interior surface of tube / exterior surface of fitting 

Bring together with a twisting motion to spread adhesive evenly 

Remove any excess adhesive with a clean dry cloth - wait 72 hours until adhesive has fully hardened 






 Cleaning and Maintenance 

Stainless steel is not completely maintenance free, but it’s easy to maintain.

Simply wash the stainless steel periodically with soapy water to keep the original appearance, the glass panels can be added to your window cleaners round, or simply clean with readily available glass cleaning products