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Titan Spigot Glass Balustrades

Titan Spigot Glass Balustrades are our newest product line, offering a frameless glass solution with minimal hardware.

The “Titan” Spigots, designed by Onlevel are manufactured from Duplex 2205, a superior grade of stainless steel suitable for any location without additional polishing (including coastal and swimming pool settings). The Titan system is fully tested to comply with BS6180:2011, and can be supplied with or without a handrail.

Why choose this system?

• Frameless look with minimal hardware

• Sleek Oval design

• Fast Modular Installation

• Does not trap water (Unlike channel)

• Can be powder coated to RAL

Standard Specifications

• Onlevel TITAN spigots

• Duplex 2205 Stainless steel

• Glass Tickness 15m or 21.52mm

• Can be supplied with or without handrail

• Tested to comply with BS 6180:2011

Project Suitability

• Coastal Settings

• Swimming Pools and Hot-Tubs

• Windbreaks

• Partitions

• Low level patios & decking

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