Wire Balustrade Assembly Guide

Bolt Tube Adapters into Pre-drilled holes in handrail using Hex key
Adapters will now be positioned at correct post centres
** M8 bolts are supplied 
Insert Adapters into posts and assemble balustrade (without adhesive at this stage) to ensure post positions and balustrade layout is correct and matches supplied drawing.
Important: Ensure post positions match supplied drawing before drilling into substrate - Example below:
Once post positions are confirmed and match drawing - mark and drill base
fixing holes, fix base plates securely using appropriate fixings.
  • Please note cover plates may need to be temporarily secured to posts with tape to allow easy marking out / fixing of anchors



Handrail components can now be bonded with supplied adhesive to secure handrail (See adhesive details at base of page)  

Wall connectors are secured with supplied adhesive and locator screw 



  • Wire rope bolts into end or corner posts, and feeds through mid posts 
  • Wire rope needs trimming to size on site using supplied wire cutters
  • Once fitted wire can be tensioned accordingly






Adhesive Instructions 

Clean Interior Surface of tube / exterior surface of fitting using cleaner and dry cloth 

Apply a line of adhesive to interior surface of tube / exterior surface of fitting 

Bring together with a twisting motion to spread adhesive evenly 

Remove any excess adhesive with a clean dry cloth - wait 72 hours until adhesive has fully hardened 






 Cleaning and Maintenance 

Stainless steel is not completely maintenance free, but it’s easy to maintain.

Simply wash the stainless steel periodically with soapy water to keep the original appearance,